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Tension Control Bolts (TC Bolts)


Tension Control Bolts (TC Bolts)

Tension Control Bolts also referred to as tc bolts are used for high power, metallic to metallic fastening. It is one of the maximum commonly used fasteners for excessive strength applications, even desired over massive hex bolts. The head is dome-formed and is not designed to be driven with ordinary equipment. It calls for a unique wrench to paintings with. Once it is hooked up, the bolt is deformed in which the extension of the bolt is sheared off due to the torque. And its spline allows us to gauge whilst the precise quantity of hysteria is reached by the bolts.


Since these bolts come with a fiction grip connection, any slippage is prevented.

In designs where fatigue is a vital consideration, preloaded bolts like TC bolts are recommended. Due to they heavy preload, the anxiety across the structure is frivolously disbursed.

If established successfully, TC bolts are extraordinarily adept at coping with vibrations and ensure that the shape is not loosened. This is yet again, because of the preload with which these bolts are available in.

In structures which involve swaying movement web hosting write for us of heavyweights like cranes, preloaded TC bolts save you the effect of load reversals. It guarantees that the shape is robust and doesn’t loosen or disintegrate.

In addition to stopping load reversals, TC bolts also take away any viable slips in connections, even throughout second resisting components.


Like we stated beneath, those structural bolts are used for the construction of metallic structures. Therefore, they're engineered to offer the structure with the best sturdiness viable. In addition to that, they're easy to apply and require simplest one man or woman to put in despite its complicated fastening mechanism. It comes with in-built functionalities to determine the tensioning required to hold the structure together and additionally enables the consumer gain the identical. This functionality lets in the consumer to determine if the specified tension is carried out regardless of the amount of torque carried out in securing it.

Higher grade metal and extended preloads helps using bolts with smaller diameters.

Since torsional shear is not caused in the course of tensioning, there could be no bolt rest.

TC bolts do not need lock nuts as they're vibration resistant.

The bolts are extremely easy to install and calls for simplest one character.

A single tool is capable of putting in TC bolts of several dimensions.

Only minimal tool maintenance is required.

Reduced operator fatigue.

No hazard of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome.

Does not require heavy calibrated torque wrenches.

But this doesn’t loose the anxiety manipulate bolts of its very own set of flaws, maximum of with a purpose to materialise upon its unsuitable set up.